Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit along with Patrol Division investigated 3,552 crashes in 2011. There were 731 injury crashes and 7 fatalities in 2011. There were 9,743 total traffic citations issued; of those, 4,644 were warning citations issued by the Traffic Unit and Patrol Division. This is a decrease of 9.36% from 2010. In addition, there were 1,197 state traffic court citations issued which is an increase of 8.23% from 2010. The Traffic Unit is responsible for the investigation of all fatal and serious injury crashes that occur in the City of Kingsport. In 2011, there were seven fatal crashes on the roadways. The number of roadway fatal crashes for 2011 is down by one from the roadway fatal crashes of 2010. The number of injury crashes increased by 17.71% in 2011. The total number of vehicle crashes increased by 10.55% in 2011. The total crashes increased by 339 during 2011, as compared to 2010. The Traffic unit was reduced in size for approximately three months as a result of officer illness during the 2011. Also, the City of Kingsport has annexed 1.41 square miles and 16.45 roadway miles in 2011. The Traffic Unit, Public Relations Unit, Kingsport Fire Department, Sullivan County EMS, Kingsport Life Saving Crew, Wellmont Hospital, and the Elixir Group produced a video on the hazards of drinking and driving during high school proms. This video received an award from the Tennessee Injury Prevention and Safety Council. The Patrol Administration has utilized Channel 16 to inform the public on the photo enforcement program that was implemented in Kingsport. This program and the continued enforcement of traffic laws have made a difference in the number of fatal and injury crashes.





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