Kingsport's Most Wanted


Most Wanted: *Updated as of 11/12/2014

James Thomas 3rd

Charge: Domestic Assault

Josh Vermillion

Charge: Theft O/$500

Christopher Meadows

Charge: FTA

Michael Alley

Charge: Forgery

Jason Chase

Charge: Theft O/$1,000

Joshua Hayes

Charge: Auto Burglary

Anthony Karnes

Charge: Theft

Mark Whaley

Charge: Theft O/$1,000

William Higgins

Charge: Theft O/$1,000

Justin Taylor

Charge: Identity Theft

Geler Mauricio

Charge: Statutory Rape

Courtney Whitson

Charge: Worthless Checks

William Upchurch

Charge: Forgery

Dakota Markowski

Charge: Theft O/500

Walbert Farmer

Charge: Theft by Fraud

Rachael Dolberg

Charge: Forgery

Freddy Crabtree

Charge: False Report

Brandon Kinsler

Charge: Theft Over $1,000

Xaviery Greene

Charge: Forgery

Steven Biorck

Charge: Failure to Appear

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If you have any information please email your tips to:policetips [at] kingsporttn [dot] gov or call your local Law Enforcement Office.