Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) ReadyTN Mobile Smartphone Application

The Kingsport Police Department is pleased to announce our endorsement of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) mobile smartphone application.

Citizens are relying less and less on newspapers, radio, television, and even desktop computers and more and more on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for relevant and timely information. In response to this trend, the TEMA ReadyTN application has been made available for download to both iPhone/iPad and Droid based smartphones and tablets.

According to TEMA’s press release, “Once active, ReadyTN will provide location-based information on severe weather, road conditions, open shelters, and government contacts. Preparedness tips for specific hazards and checklists for emergency kit items are also provided in the application’s content.”

Emergencies and disasters come in many varieties, and they can be both natural and manmade. Waiting to get ready until an event actually occurs is often too late. The Kingsport Police Department encourages area residents to take advantage of this new technology being offered by TEMA to be prepared and stay informed should an emergency or disaster occur.

For more information on the ReadyTN application and on emergency preparedness, please visit www.tnema.org.

IPhone/IPad users click here for the ReadyTN app.

Android users click here for the ReadyTN app.





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