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You Tube: Kingsport Red Light Cameras
You Tube: Kingsport Red Light Cameras Explained
You Tube: Residents tackle crime in Kingsport's Borden community
You Tube: Thieves target catalytic converters in Northeast Tennessee


Crime Prevention Tips and other Links


Safest & Most Dangerous Cities
Domestic Violence Recovery Programs
What To Do Before the Burglar Comes
What You Should Know About Commercial Armed Robbery
Neighborhood Watch
Outsmarting Crime
UTK Sexual Assault Information Page
AWARE:Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment
Personal Safety and Self Defense

No Nonsense Self Defense

USDOJ Office for Victims of Crime

National Org. for Victims Assistance

National Center for Victims of Crime

HopeLine, a Verizon Wireless Program to Collect Cell Phones for Domestic Violence Victims

Homeland Security Investigations Victim Notification Program

TN Public Safety
TN Driver Handbook and Licensing
TN Practice Test Online
TN Report Litterbugs or call 1-877-8-LITTER(8837)
TN Stop Litter
Reporting Child Abuse
TN Internet Crime Information Center
TN Sexual Offender Registry
VA Sexual Offender Registry
TN Missing Children
The Out-of-State Parole and Probation Supervision Site
TN Criminal Injury Compensation Program
TN Open Records Information System
TN Handgun Carry Permits
Carry Permit Reciprocity Database
US Handgun Law Database
Tennessee Instant Check System
Handguns for Home Defense
An Examination of Violent Crime and Freedom in American Society
Don't Be A Victim (~50 Various Articles)
Misc Tips from Hendersonville TN PD
Hate Crime Watch
Legal Sites on the Web
Basic Legal Documents
Find Law misc references
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
Wanted Fugitives
Security Industry
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Identity Theft
Prevent/Check Credit Card compromise

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

Homeland Security Tips

Tennessee Homeland Security

Citizen Corps

FEMA Training

Medical Reserves Corps

Police Volunteers

US Computer Emergency Readiness Team

US Department of Homeland Security


The internet can be a wonderful source of factual information.
It can also be used to quickly pass bogus information to millions of people in a short time. Just because it came from a trusted relative, business associate or friend doesn't mean it is TRUE.

It doesn't really matter whether the inaccurate stories are passed on out of ignorance or maliciousness. Either way, passing on bogus stories WILL waste countless time, tie up resources, and may cause unnecessary concern. In addition, if the "friend" you forwarded false information to finds out it is bogus, they may question anything you send them in the future!

Below are some sites that attempt to research and confirm or deny the authenticity of many such incredible stories such as virus alerts, fighting the gas companies, kidney thieves, free money, million$ recipes, and many more that we've all seen. Please attempt to verify questionable stories, "offers", or other such e-mails or links before passing them on.
(Actually these sites are quite entertaining, educational, and somewhat sad after you realize just how gullible we can be)


On Guard Online: practical tips from the Federal Govt and industry sources
Scambusters: protect yourself from scams, online and off
Internet Hoaxes and Rumors
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Internet Crime Complaint Center