Community Relations

In 2011, the Community Relations/Crime Prevention Unit was successful at accomplishing many positive contacts throughout the community. This included 247 programs, such as Substance Abuse Prevention, Neighborhood Watch, Personal Safety, Crime Prevention, Business Security, Church Programs, and Tours of the Justice Center, Identity Theft, Personal Safety, School Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Robbery Awareness Programs, Violence in the Workplace Programs, Business Security, Traffic Safety, Children’s Safety, Stranger Danger, Firearms Safety, and many others. In 2011, the Community Relations Unit made 28,111 personal contacts with the citizens of the Kingsport Area. This Kingsport Police Department had 52,583 citizen contacts for 2011. Of that, 22,744 were people visiting our website and we have 1,728 fans on Facebook. Overall, affirmative efforts by these contacts created thousands of exchanges of information between members of the Police Department and the citizens in our communities.


Picture taken at Funfest. Lt. Abernathy holding a child on the ATV.

Community Relations





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