The Leadership of the City of Kingsport has established a strategic plan that identifies key values for our city. One of those values is a "safe community". A community in which one feels safe and secure, and has a low crime rate.

The primary goal of the Kingsport Police Department is to strive for a community free from crime and disorder that is consistent with the values of a free society. The Kingsport Police Department uses traditional methods as well as recently established methods, such as community oriented policing, towards reaching our goals.  The Department's role is to enforce federal and state statutes, along with local ordinances, in a fair and impartial manner.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees specific rights to all persons and the Kingsport Police Department strives to insure that these rights will not be violated by any member of this Department. The Kingsport Police Department recognizes and abides by judicial and statutory limitations placed upon police authority.


Where are we located?

The Kingsport Justice Center is located at the corner of Shelby and Market Streets, directly behind the Kingsport City Hall (off West Center Street).  In addition to the Police Department, the Justice Center also contains a branch office for the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office, the City jail, Kingsport Juvenile Court and Sullivan County General Sessions Court Division II & III.


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